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W5 Battle Caije by DancingTwinBlades W5 Battle Caije :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 3 2 W5 - Fading Chances by DancingTwinBlades W5 - Fading Chances :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 3 2 Event W4 Fireworks by DancingTwinBlades Event W4 Fireworks :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 3 0 W0 Event - Virtual Dreams by DancingTwinBlades W0 Event - Virtual Dreams :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 4 6
Event Roundup June2017
W0 -
After many failures to find or understand anything of value on the virtual world as well as dealing with their parents bickering and battling Caije decided they'd had enough. In much the same fashion as Calypso, Caije took what money they had managed to save up and hopped on the fight plane they could find. With no plan other then to get away from their parents they Cai had no idea where they were going....until they ended up in California.
Having blown almost all of their money at this point Cai was hard pressed to find a chap place to stay. Thankfully it was warm, though a bit warmer then Cai had first thought. They spent their first night in Cali at the airport, snoozing in a corner before being asked to leave. Having no luck with lodging Cai was starting to panic when they were stopped by a rather familiar face.
The Fortuneteller.
The person from those stories on the Ingressus Pamphlet. Now she was right there, right before her. An offer of a reading or a question answered.
:icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 1 4
Event Roundup May2017
W0 - Caije, for the past few months has been locked away in their room either on their computer or in Ingressus. They made a few trips into Bao Hu, but only  a handful. Their obsession with the virtual reality worlds is of great concern to their parents but neither have done much to deter them. As of late, unable to find what they were looking for in safe or sanctioned sites Caije has begun to dig into the Deep Web using accessing program they bought off a shady looking site. Their health has begun to decline, but they have no intention of stopping their search.
With more and more rumors of this Fortune Telling being spotted around Caije has added one more subject line to their searches.
'Who is the Fortune Teller?'
Kaho, while going his usual trolling through Ingressus, and now Bao Hu as well, has heard a few times about this mysterious Fortune Teller. He frequents places, at least in the virtual world, where they were said to have appeared before.
W3 - Having lost sight of thier
:icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 1 4
Kaho -  Bao Hu by DancingTwinBlades Kaho - Bao Hu :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 2 1 Deleted by DancingTwinBlades Deleted :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 4 14
Event Roundup Feb2017
With the enemy soldiers at the gate Caije tries to stick close to both her sister and Ryan. While her sister seemed keen enough to keep far from the gates and thus the soldiers Ryan and his friends seemed eager to make stand to protect Katesch. Though, Ryan appeared to be more trying to keep the others safe as they did so. Caije had to make a choice, and she went with Ryan. Despite his protests for her to turn back she refused. She would not fail to protect her first and dearest friend. Not again. When the bullets started flying Caije managed to control their panicked winds enough to at least not throw herself or other students around this time.
Caije spent much of his time either clearing away burnt and damaged debris or helping those that were burned. He was relived when his sister never showed up to be see to for any such injuries. Though, with how long it had been since he's seen her he was growing deeply worried. He'd go looking as soon as  he'd finished bandaging this
:icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 4 2
W5 Event - Watching Poppies
'It had all happened so suddenly'
Its what everyone always says.
'Before we knew it'
'There was no time'
'It was all a blur'

Lame excuses for the inattentive. The ill prepared. The incompetent.
Those words fit her now.
Caije let out a sigh as glanced dully out the window. Since the attack she had not allowed herself such simple distractions. There was no time. There was always something to prepare, to look into regarding the attack or preventing new ones.
Too little too late.
There should never have been a first attack. Had she been so diligent beforehand perhaps nothing would  have happened. So many of the House of Poppy needn't have fallen. Her sister wouldn't have been hurt. Three wouldn't...
No Enforcer would have been lost.
Caije chewed her tongue as she held in another breath, this one filled with agitation.
She'd arrived too late.
She had met enemy soldiers and had taken too long in dealing with them. She had even allowed herself to be stuck not twice,
:icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 3 8
Event Roundup Jan2017
Caije logs into Ingressus to see the fireworks...but mostly in the hopes that Calypso might be there. However, it appears they will be starting the new year truly alone.
They heard of Scyllus's death, just barely realizing it was that person they'd met overseas. It was startling, but...sadly they hadn't interacted much and the little they had had been awkward. Still, it is sad news. Caije doesn't have high hopes for this new year at all.
There was a mild brightening for a moment though. A message sent by Always-Tea-Time 's Ryan. A 'Happy New Years' message with an attached cat gif. While not celebratory, it was appreciated and made them smile a bit. It even warranted a return message.
'May it be a good one.'
Generic, but it was better then not sending anything at all.
Kaho logs in both for fireworks...and to see if anything 'weird' will happen this time. So far he's missed all such 'events'. He is curious and thinks most of it is just spook-rumors for the virtual
:icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 1 2
Lahuakai W5 Event: Yule Ball Attire by DancingTwinBlades Lahuakai W5 Event: Yule Ball Attire :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 4 0 Caije W5 Event: Ball Attire Option 2 by DancingTwinBlades Caije W5 Event: Ball Attire Option 2 :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 4 2 Caije W5 Event: Ball Attire Option 1 by DancingTwinBlades Caije W5 Event: Ball Attire Option 1 :icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 2 0
Dec2016 Event round up
W0 -
Needless to say the last year had been a very hard year. Among other things, the death of Charlie and SilverFirefly 's Calypso having run away due to the crumbling conditions at home, Caije was unsurprisingly having a hard time coping. While their father had been trying to help them in between fighting his wife for her outbursts with their daughter as well as balancing his work and general upkeep of the life they knew, it proved to be ineffective. The time he had was just too little. It didnt help that his wife, still unstable in her own grief, paid little attention to the home herself.
Caije ended up secluding themselves further into the recently opened Ingressus. They no longer attended school and instead spent their waking hours delving in the virtual world. Either snooping through places to try and gather information on the place such as other 'incidents' from rumored hacking to information on its creation and creators. She isn't alone in her endeavors though. The Sentience t
:icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 2 8
W1 -Event- What I Had
The room was relatively silent aside from the shuffling and soft voices of those either helping those who were injured, or just keeping them company. There was an almost ominous ticking from a clock outside of their range of sight, but they could still hear it. It was mocking, almost as much as the white paper before her.
'Write something you are grateful for' are grateful for... That is what she'd been told to do with it. Given the current events, it seemed like a good idea to keep moral up....if only in theory...
As long as Caije stared at the paper she could think of nothing to put. It wasn't that she had no idea what to be grateful was only that everything she wished to longer applied...
Charlie was gone.
There was still Calypso.
Caly hadn't spoken to her in ages. She'd left her behind even.
The few she had, she'd almost gotten killed. They probably hated her now. If they didn't then they should.
She hadn't been in good hea
:icondancingtwinblades:DancingTwinBlades 1 0

Random Favourites

[C0N] fausse fleur
It was a while before Jean/ne returned to the rest of the castle. They hummed in thought as they strolled back up from the dungeons. A nod to the guards to allow them to return to their posts, and they continued on their way after a quick glance at their weapons. No, nothing like La Vie en Rose. And neither of them were holding broadswords, either. What a shame.
They turned Adrien’s words around in their head. Was he telling the truth? Jean/ne wanted to believe so. Lying wasn’t like the Adrien they had known from their childhood. But Jean/ne had also pulled away from their friends when the previous King had been assassinated— anything could have changed in the years since.
They sighed before glancing upwards. Where was Lyra? ...Good, still in their room. And there were plenty of guards with them.
Should they retrieve some of the guards? Two assassination attempts on their Queen was worrisome, but the fact that none had been made on Jean/ne bothered them a little more.
:iconfalling-wish:Falling-Wish 3 6
Lea Expression Sheet by Parziivale Lea Expression Sheet :iconparziivale:Parziivale 17 8 Cinder - RWBY by JxbP Cinder - RWBY :iconjxbp:JxbP 3,115 160
[C0NSTANTS] Forgive and Forget
"When Eliza tried to kill the King,
She may have been the first one to die,
but I'm the one who paid for it.
I survived, but I paid for it."

Carissa took in a deep breath before she slowly exhaled, and her gloved hand settled upon the hilt of Rose du Roi, her rapier. Her gaze wandered as she looked to the portraits of the previous Kings and Queens of House of Rose. With a soft smile, she then looked to Eliza, who seemed preoccupied at the moment as she clenched and unclenched her hands. Her eyebrows rose before her hand moved away from the hilt of her rapier, and she gently tapped her twin on the shoulder. Eliza had a startled look on her face as she looked up, her hands relaxing before she looked to Carissa, and her expression softened a little.
"Are you nervous?" Carissa softly asked as she absently reached out to take her twin's hand in hers, and Eliza hesitated for a moment before she slowly nodded, though she gently squeezed her hand with a faint smile. "There's noth
:iconsilver-firefly:Silver-Firefly 5 14
Pastel Three by OCT-Willpower Pastel Three :iconoct-willpower:OCT-Willpower 8 2 ~Constants: Seven of Swords: Lauranna~ by CondyCookie ~Constants: Seven of Swords: Lauranna~ :iconcondycookie:CondyCookie 5 3
Virtual Pamphlet
It’s one of the times that Saotome has enough time to go back home. 90% of all the pressing matters he had to attend to had been done, and the other 10% can be taken care of later, or is still pending. He opened the sliding door to his house and sighed. “Mother, I’m home.” He called out in his mother tongue as he slid off his shoes. The padding of feet stomping wood can be heard, and the figure of a middle-aged woman appeared from a corner of the hallway.
“Sachi!” She exclaimed happily and ran over to give her son a big hug. “Welcome home, Sachi. If you’re going to come home, at least give me a call first! I could have prepared a meal for the both of us.” She replied in the same language.
Saotome only chuckled and hugged his mother back. “Well, I wanted to surprise you. Looks like it worked.” He said and gave her a peck on the cheek.
His mother gave Saotome a few pats on the back before letting go. “Either way, you
:iconlunar-moon-jelly:lunar-moon-jelly 3 10
{MH} Renewed Teamspirit: Cocoa by Broeckchen {MH} Renewed Teamspirit: Cocoa :iconbroeckchen:Broeckchen 14 12 Bad News by Picolo-kun Bad News :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 8,451 275 Just Dance by Jazz-Rhythm Just Dance :iconjazz-rhythm:Jazz-Rhythm 16 2 Pay Attention to Me by TheEccentricCitric Pay Attention to Me :icontheeccentriccitric:TheEccentricCitric 72 16 Constants - DiETREVIN Page 6 by Drazillion Constants - DiETREVIN Page 6 :icondrazillion:Drazillion 3 2 Constants - DiETREVIN Page 5 by Drazillion Constants - DiETREVIN Page 5 :icondrazillion:Drazillion 3 0 Constants - DiETREVIN Page 4 by Drazillion Constants - DiETREVIN Page 4 :icondrazillion:Drazillion 3 0 3 Compass by OCT-Willpower 3 Compass :iconoct-willpower:OCT-Willpower 6 7 ~Hey You Should Really Check Out This Blog~ by CondyCookie ~Hey You Should Really Check Out This Blog~ :iconcondycookie:CondyCookie 4 2

I work at Walmart. Who can spot what's died in me most? 

7 deviants said Giving a Fuck
4 deviants said Any sense of dignity
4 deviants said The will to live
1 deviant said My body
No deviants said Feelings
No deviants said My brain



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Your name is Adina.

Current Residence: Land of Salt and Insomnia
Personal Quote: I have no idea what I'm doing
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To any who care. Watch this wordless commercial about seat belt safety. It is beautiful and I think it should be shared and spread as much as possible.…
Its been a while since I posted anything about it, but yes. I do commissions. They are about the only thing I don't procrastinate on. Those and Art Trades. Granted, I only have a few works under my belt, but I'll like to get more. Because I'm still learning and all my prices are on the low side. Allow me to remake my list of those here.

Art Trade: Free of course. Art for art. 

Sketches: 2$ (If really like the image I might make it into a full pic free of charge)
Headshot: 5$ (Basic bust not going past the collarbone)
Halfbody: 7$ (Anything ending at the hips. If its an oc that DOES end at the hips...congrats on discounted prices.)
Fullbody: 10-15$ (with wiggle room)

With color: Half the cost of the image itself for full coloring. If only bits are colored for emphasis price is negotiable.
With background: 5-8$ (Depending on complexities.)
Multiple people: xPrice (Basically just double what it was above.)

(These are going to be rough estimates going by the highest price. I will drop them depending on the story to give the best price possible. If the word count goes slightly over I wont add onto the price as I tend to love details.)

Short blarb (100- 500 words): 5$
Short story (500-1000 words): 10$
Full story (Not yet available, but working on it)

Prices fixed with help from :iconbritishmindslave: and :iconoct-willpower:
Thanks friends~


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